Never stop learning and never stop playing


A child's imagination and fantasy is free and unlimited - and it is a pure joy to see a story evolve when they explain their fantasy world and how they act about it like it is the most normal thing known to them.
Sadly the truth about this is that the free spirit, free thinking and creative energy children give through out their day, is soon to be replaced with structured learning schemas and curriculums which shuts down the kids creativity. Putting them in a box in order for them to fit into society.
If a child acts like a superhero or dinosaur in the mall or in public, it is cute and innocent,
But if an adult acts like that in public, the person will most likely be escorted to the nearest mental institution by the police.

Maybe it is a black and white example, but why should adults not be allowed to play, and why should adults not continue to learn new stuff like they did when they were kids, continue to evolve the brain and body.
Playing is good for the mind and movement is good for the body, so i really do not want to be "grown up" - at least not all the time.
I want to keep learning new stuff, keep exploring things and continue to evolve my mind and body, while accompanying my son on the journey of life.